Spectolumen - What is it?

Spectolumen is a collaborative art project between artist Andrew "Grassi" Kelaher and photographer/editor Ron Molnar. 

It combines elements of pop art, surrealism, urban art, photography, installation, and digital media into a multidiscipline artwork. The process ties together ideas that are considered traditional with more current contemporary practices. 

Ron Molnar 

Over the last 25 years, Ron Molnar has established himself as one of Sydney's leading television editors and photographers. 

Ron's work as a photographer and TV editor has taken him all over the world. While living in London his clients included the BBC and Reuters among others and in Australia he has worked for all television networks. His photography has landed him awards in Australia and the UK. 

Ron's photographs have been exhibited in the Museum of Sydney and have appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Canberra Times and The Snowy Times. Tourism NSW has used his images, and they can also be found hanging in the homes of some of Australia's most prominent people.

As Andrew explains, "Its art for arts sake. I was looking for a creative outlet to use some of the overload of idea's I was having inspired by various things from around the world. I have an interest in several areas of painting including pop, surrealism, and abstraction as well as my landscapes and nudes. I was also quite inspired by elements of installation and street art. 

In between working on my landscapes, I started experimented with taking objects and putting them out of context  in weird places away from where they're traditionally displayed. It was another surreal aspect. You look at the object differently because it's been somewhere unusual. However I couldn't make it work as a stand alone piece and it didn't fit well with my other works. 

When I first met Ron and saw his photography I realised we looked at things in a similar way. This presented an opportunity. We could combine our fields and make something really different. We could include photography and digital media and that's when these works all started to come together." 

Ron, "I've had a lot of success with my photography over the last 10 years or so, but I'm always keen to try something new or different. When Grassi (Andrew) told me about his concept I could see the potential immediately and was excited by it. I enjoy creating images which border on abstraction, it really appeals to me. With this project I could take that interest, mix up the composition, and add even more unusual aspects to my photography. It's been a long gestation, but I think we've produced something quite different that I hope will make people really look and think" 

The artists have experimented and collaborated over the last few years to created something unique, and above all interesting and now these works are finally available to the public.

The collaborative title, Spectolumen, came from the Latin Specto - See, and Lumen - light. The artists deciding they wanted an unusual name to go with the work.